Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wood, the element

Ever wonder the Janka hardness of Sapele? 6,280 N
How about the modulus of rapture of Blue Ash? 95.2 MPa
Maybe the radial shrinkage of Mango? 3.6%
Perhaps the scientific name of Dogwood? Cornus florida

You are probably thinking that I am some kind of Idiot Savant, or have waaaay too much time to do research on the internet. The real truth is that I found a fantastic website, The Wood Database, that catalogs all the properties of all species of wood, or at least all the wood that I can think of. This information is then put into a periodic table-esque collection of physical properties that is easily searchable.

Strength, weight, shrinkage, rot resistance, workability, odor, common uses, allergies, price, color, etc, etc, etc. This site literally lists every fact about most woods, even information that you might not need to know, and there are pictures to boot!

Ever seen the end grain of Lilac?

Lilac end grain magnified 10x

Want to know what sealed Sissoo looks like? This site has it!

I don't know what Sissoo is, but here it is sealed.

Just don't let your significant other catch you drooling over the pictures on your computer screen, they might get the wrong impression.

PS. You're welcome.

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