Thursday, February 27, 2014

A flattering angle

Those in the know are aware that The Boss is a photographer. If you are not in the know you should go check out her site RIGHT NOW because my handsome mug is plastered all over her most recent post.

We were raising some principle rafters on a timber frame that we have been working on this winter so I called Amanda to get some professional documentation. She puts my pictures to shame...but that really isn't saying much seeing as I use my cell phone with a scratched up lens.

Here are some more pictures she took while visiting me for lunch at work when I was hewing the purlins for the aforementioned timber frame; she is very talented.

That is Steve's broad axe in the foreground, with his authentic pack basket

Tools of the trade

Peeling off the bark helps snap and keep a more precise line.

Using a plumbet, old school style

Here is one from me in my work duds looking like a certified bad ass.

Usually I don't get any pictures of me actually doing work, because I don't use a tripod, so it is nice when she stops by to take some candids of me getting my woodwright on.

PS. My blog recently went over 10,000 views...crazy, and I wasn't even there to see it tick over. Looks like I will have to be more vigilant when it hits 28,008, and then stand on my head (you'll get it if you are a math nerd).

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