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Here are a few links that I find inspiring, helpful, or just plain interesting. I hope you can learn something new from at least one of these pages. Check back often as I am constantly adding new links as I run across them on my wanderings.

All Natural Finishes:

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Makers of milk paint. These people are literally right down the street from me in Groton, MA.

Real Milk Paint I prefer Old Fashioned for my milk paint, but this business sells all kinds of all natural oils, waxes, and solvents.

Vermont Natural Coatings Hippies in Vermont at it again. First they make milk into the greatest ice cream, now they make it into the greatest whey based polyurethane supplement.

Don's Barn Don Williams' new website. It is still in the early stages, but he has some great articles and techniques on oil and wax finishes. He also sells Polissoirs which are a really cool traditional finishing tool.

Woodworking Schools:

The Woodwright School Ever wonder what it is like to be on the show with St. Roy? Me too. Well now you can get the gist of it with the man himself. From what I hear taking a class with Roy, on his territory, is an incredible experience.

Close Grain School of Woodworking A small town woodworking school that is just getting started. I plan on taking multiple classes from here. Believe it or not this school is in the town right next door to me (and where The Boss grew up).

Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking A well known school for learning traditional and modern woodworking techniques. This school has classes from many well known craftsmen including Bob Van Dyke and the sawwright himself Matt Cianci.

Tool Makers:

Lee Valley Tools The makers of the Veritas brand of hand tools. From Canada. Great service, great products.

Tools for Working Wood Probably my personal favorite modern tool maker. They do the Gramercy just has an old time feel to it. Wonderful customer relations department.

Wenzlof and Sons Sure is a funny name, but they make some amazing saws.

Blue Spruce Toolworks It isn't even funny how much I envy David Jeske. Ex-engineer turned tool maker, and he is a damn fine tool maker at that. I recommend his small marking knife with every accolade I have.

Mazzaglia Tools This company offers some really unique tools specifically for plane making as well as piano making. They also make maker stamps for makers of wood objects (say that three times fast).

North Wind Toolworks This independent saw maker has some very interesting historical saws. If you like unique tools, definitely check him out.

Vesper Tools A toolmaker from down under. His layout tools seem to be quite loved by those who use them. As far as I can tell he is also a strong contender for the "Maker of the Best Sliding Bevel" Award (which is most definitely a completely fictional made up award that should absolutely be made real).

Online Antique Tool Dealers:

Blood and Gore Patrick Leach, the unofficial go to man for anything old and rusty...or old and shiny if you are into that kind of thing. He also makes the (allegedly) best sliding bevel on the market. Also down the road from me...I am starting to think I live in an amazing part of the country.

The Best Things This guy really knows his stuff on Antique tools. He also has some really interesting new tools for sale by some small independent tool makers.

Hyper Kitten So it is a funny name, but there are always some great tools kicking around this website. Definitely worth checking back on once and a while.

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