Friday, March 1, 2013


Polissoir. That is right, although I have been away on business for the last couple days The Boss called the day I left and said that I had a package waiting at our home. 'My Polissoirs are there' I exclaimed! After explaining to her what a Polissoir is and used for she quickly lost interest.

Two are better than one.

So I got home tonight and opened the box and was very impressed on the overall quality of the Polissoirs. They are very tightly bound and the weave of the straw and twine is very appealing. For those of the uninitiated a Polissoir is a finishing tool described by AJ Roubo in his grand novels "L'Art du Menuisier." You use the Polissoir with wax by burnishing a piece of wood in order to infuse the wax into the pores.

I plan on putting these through their paces with some of the wood species that I commonly use. So stay tuned for the results. But until then, I will probably just continue twirling them in my hands marveling at the intricacy of their construction.

To get your own Polissoirs you can contact Don Williams by emailing him at He charges $20 for each Polissoir, and $4.50 for shipping, which is a true bargain for the quality and rarity of the product. Also, the man who makes these for Don is an artisan broom maker so I think it is great to keep such a dying craft alive.

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