Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Fallback Plan

Just in case my life as a 17th century carpenter philosopher doesn't work out, I will definitely try out being a Bavarian woodsman. I found these two short videos during some inter-web wanderings. The first one is just the most ridiculous logging operation I have ever seen, I was slack jawed watching these crazy Germans tossing around their giant logs with nothing more than some elbow grease. Also, the man taking down the log's dimensions wins the best dressed award. (Link for tablet and phone users)

The second video is equally as interesting (same group of woodsman?). There are so many awesome things going on in such a short stretch of time. Flitching with wedges, long mortising axes used for....well everything, the hewing trestles that you can roll logs right onto from the hill, a sweet chalk line/plunger/chalk cup combo, the strange yet awesome scrub plane for the inside of the water trough, and finally the sweet Hersey kiss-esque finial on top of the fountain. (Link for tablet and phone users)


  1. These are awesome videos! I'm surprised the logs don't get badly damaged from such long falls, but I don's suppose there is any other way too get them off the mountain.

    1. Yeah, all I can think is the poor mill worker (or even worse, hand hewer) that has to dimension these logs into lumber with all those rocks and sand that is undoubtedly lodged deep into the wood.

  2. I like the old scribe sporting the lederhosen!